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Consumer durables are in the category products of only consumers that do not have to be buying frequently because they are made to last end for an extended time period typically the time more than the three years and they are also called durable goods or durables. We can consume these items at any time.


Why it matters

Since consumer durables usually represent only big items, both consumers and businesses will typically make these purchases only when they are confident that they can afford them.

In a recession period, when consumers have less confidence in the Indian economy, there's an increased risk that demand for durable goods will decrease. This is important to remember when investing in companies that produce durables goods.


How it works

Consumer goods are often divided into the two categories: durables and non-durables goods. Durables have an extended product life and are not worn out or consumed quickly and easily when you use them. Since they're made to long last, durable goods are mostly more expensive than non-durable goods that have to be purchased over and over again.

A washing machine is an example of a durable goods it takes many years and multiple uses to wear it out. The laundry detergent used in the washing machine is a non-durable good when the bottle is empty, the product is depleted and must be repurchased.

Other live life examples of durable goods are automobiles, appliances, furniture, jewelry, consumer electronics and sporting goods etc.



From last 25 years, MM Enterprises has been successfully working with various companies both in consumer durables and home appliance manufacturing recruitment.

We have a strong belief in maintaining long-term relationships with our reputed companies and clients, so we always try our best to make sure that company find a perfect at the right time. We have been providing top quality recruitment services to the consumer durables, Food and Beverage, FMCG, with most suitable candidates for engineering, supply chain management, production and operations management role.

To aid the company have the best of employees, recruitment agencies like MM Enterprises complete HR solutions help them have the best employment team amongst all.

As consumer durable recruitment agents and staffing consultants, we understand when our clients need employees at the time of emergency. We cater to the requirements immediately and manage to give them the best candidature for the said profile.

We carefully select and line-up same process with each and every candidate by judging them on their performance, clarify many things by cross questioning with them and by check their previous work records. We probably have the huge Data Bank of production & manufacturing consumer industrial professionals as a recruitment consultant on an all-India basis.

The database is properly automated to enable advanced skills matching. We have placed candidates to many multinationals, industry leaders, as well as small-medium organizations.


As one of the leading consumer durable recruitment consultants, we have an expert and dedicated team of HR who specialize in the durable goods and home appliance manufacturing recruitment.

Through our large database of professionals, well-sourced and researched methodologies, we can provide our consumer electronics companies and clients with the perfect employees across the globe. MM Enterprises is one of the best consumer durable recruitment consultants in India and possess a huge in numbers of satisfied companies all over the world.

The team of professional consumer durables recruitment expert have helped hundreds of clients in India and other countries like Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, USA, UK, Australia and other European countries. The efficient and competent consumer durable staff certainly helps companies to achieve substantial goals, positive performance. 

We at MME always try to deliver high quality, most valued HR services and consumer durable staff to every consumer electronic company’s clients for every open job position.

With MME’s team of highly competent consumer durables recruitment professionals, who have expertise in the industry, there is always help available to resolve the recruitment and staffing requirements.

With our large pool of data has experienced and much consumer durables professionals, we can quickly deliver high importance related requirements within short time and budget.

Our ultimate goal is to maintain the satisfaction of our clients and have been successfully maintaining by sourcing right fit of the consumer durable staff to fill the different consumer durable industry work profiles.