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Hiring from India

More than half of the overseas employers are interested to hire the individuals from India owing to its vast talent pool and amazing workforce. As hiring the most extraordinary talent from India is not everyone’s cup of tea, the companies takes our support at MME to fill the spaces with skilled candidates. We ensure 100% client satisfaction when it comes to the screening of the candidates and final placement. Being the highly acclaimed unit in the field of recruitment, a wide range of foreign companies approach us with their requirements of hiring from India and we serve their needs effectively.

We first indulge into the adequate research process to know about the employer, reputation of the brand, work culture, origin, experience and much more. Before commencing the procedure of screening and short listing the candidates from India, we provide complete assurance to the clients for the placement of the potential individuals that carry the worth to fit in the organization, apprehend the work culture of the company, abide by the employment laws of the country and enhance the productivity of the business. Apart from the experience, qualifications, eligibility, skills and high potential, the candidate should possess the ability to follow the work environment and labour laws of the companies outside India.

We at MME break our necks to find out various networking channels to tap the most efficient candidates in India. Our team coordinates with the employers and conducts employee referral program to ensure the exposure if the genuine talent. Even after the final selection of the candidates, our load cannot be nullified as we make proper arrangements for the work permit of the candidates, their visa application, other documentation, accommodation and other logistics. We always greet any kind of feedback or suggestions from the employers and the candidates.


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