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Architect Recruitment Consultants

architect recruitment agency Many people are out there looking for jobs while a number of employers are seeking workmanship. MME’s recruitment team comes in handy in this venture and has connected more than 200 job seekers with employers. The recruitment drive has seen only specialized Architects and Design Engineers given opportunities to serve in their various specialty areas. Since these are posts that cannot accept half baked individuals, the agency has ensured only qualified candidates are considered for recruitment.

We have a large client base because we are a reliable agency. Some of our satisfied clients are in the


When employees entrust us with the duty of getting qualified staff, we do it impeccably. After advertizing the posts, we narrow our recruitment drive to individuals with varied experience not only in the given field but in other interrelated areas to meet required qualifications.

When an employer entrusts us with the duty of recruitingindividuals, we do it with zeal by sourcing for knowledgeable employees.

MME (Recruitment Consultants India) of the experienced architects available for hiring include :

  • Design Architects
  • Space Planners
  • Site Architects
  • 3D Visualizers
  • Architectural Technicians
  • CAD Manager
  • Landscape Technician
  • Principal/Lead Architect
  • Project Architects and many more.

Before one is considered for any posts, their papers undergo thorough scrutiny to ensure nothing is left to chance. At the same time, shortlisted candidates have to be grilled by the interview panel to ascertain they are the right fit for the job.

Selected candidates are orientated to easily fit into the new work environment. At the same time, candidates from afar who may be challenged by the weather or climatic conditions are helped to fit into the new environment without any problems. We ensure the employees are comfortable in their work stations, and employers;happy.

We have a strong track record in a number of countries including :

  • India
  • South East Asia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Kingdom
  • UAE and African countries.

For Canadian Recruitment, we honor the request to only shortlist candidates with given certifications like  anadian Architectural Certification. We strive to give only the best to our clients. Reach out to us for Architect Recruitment  Solutions.