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Petrochemical Recruitment Consultancy in India

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When it comes to recruiting talent for Petrochemical industries or companies dealing in processed petroleum products MME Recruitment consultants are industry’s prime choice.

MME HR Consultancy Recruitment Services

Our decades of experience in Oil & Gas recruitment, Chemical Engineering and Petroleum product sales recruitment has enabled us to compile a strong network of engineers, technicians, top executives involved in this sectors. Some of the profiles for which we have provided our recruitment services are: 

MME Recruitment Consultancy in India connected Globally

Our huge, carefully updated resume database and head hunting skills ensures very fast turn-around times when it comes to picking the right talent for your company. Our expertise in Constructions Manpower, Engineering Talent, Business develoment, Oil and Gas recruitment, Safety Professionals etc makes us a one-stop solution for Oil and Gas companies around the world.


Contact us today for any requirement in petrochemical industry and we will provide you’re the most cost effective solution in a very short time.

Oil and gas is the largest economy stimulator and there are a plethora of associated industries like fertilizer manufacturing plants, plastic industries, chemical producing companies etc. So scope of jobs in this sector in huge. Candidates looking to get into and improve their career in petrochemical industry can submit their resumes here. Employers please submit your vaccancy FREE here and get two demo CVs free to know the quality of our manpower pool.


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