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Shipping Recruitment Consultants in India

As per the recent estimate, more than 90% of world trade is taking place through sea. Crude Oil and derivatives, Agricultural products, Minerals and Plastics form the bulk of the trade items and their importance to human life is very well known. The shipping industry has very significant role in shaping world economy. Food, beverages and other industries also making use of shipping for their international trades. Hence, it can be said that the potential of a country’s trade directly depending on its shipping capabilities.

The industry is found to be providing good career opportunities to the qualified candidates. The matured industry is in need of skilled professionals, who are efficient, reliable and with experience. Being one of the major recruitment company in India operating from India, MME Recruitment Consultants have a good reputation in technical and commercial excellence among recruits and our employers.

We are currently looking for Ship Brokers, Naval Architects, Technical Assistants, and Marine Engineers etc. Generally speaking we have all sorts of opening related to shipping industry, which are not limited to Sales Managers, Event Co-ordinators, Performers, Shipping crews, Heavy Machinery operators etc. We have a special top management recruitment service which you may also be interested in.

MME Recruitment Consultants conduct proper screening test to select candidates with desired skillset. It should be understood that the motivated and hardworking candidates with qualification are the winners. Candidates with prior experience in the industry are highly welcome to the recruitment procedure.

To make it convenient to the candidates, the positions are open with part-time and full time options but they are subject to employer’s terms and condition of service. We understand the Shipping and maritime transport very well so we can deliver so well on client requirements and committed to provide skilled candidates by keeping in mind a long relationship with you.

For more information contact us here or just submit your requirement here and one of our executives will revert with a proposal soon.